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Custom Decals (BETA Trial)

Porkchop BMX is excited to announce custom decals!

This is a beta test so please be patient as we develop best practices for offering the old school BMX community custom decal sets for restorations and custom builds.

We can currently offer custom colors for any of the individual decals or decal sets we have for sale for the following brands:

  • Robinson Racing
  • Powerlite
  • Schwinn
  • Neal Enterprises Proto Plates (custom colors for the front decals)

We can only alter the COLORS of the set. You choose which colors you want to change and specify what color you want them to be. For example, if a decal set is red, white, and blue, you might ask that everything in the set that is red be changed to pink. Or orange. Or that all 3 colors be changed to orange, baby blue, and black. The number of colors changed does not affect the pricing.

What does it cost?

The cost is the price shown for that decal set plus $10 per material printed on. For instance, if the entire decal set is printed on clear vinyl, there is just one $10 charge, regardless of how many of the printed colors you would like changed. If a set is printed on more than one material, for instance, early Powerlite sets are on chrome vinyl and clear vinyl, there would be two $10 charges if you want colors changed on both the chrome vinyl decals and the clear vinyl decals. If you only needed colors changed on the clear vinyl but are okay with the "stock" colors of the decals on chrome vinyl, it would be just one $10 charge.

For individual decals, it is still $10 per decal, so ordering by set is your best deal. For us, the set up and labor involved is exactly the same whether it is a single decal or the set, therefore the price is the same.

How do I order?

Submit your request using the form below. Be sure to tell us:

1) Which decal set you need (provide a link to the set since there are multiple variations for some year/models)

2) List each decal you want to customize along with the original color and the color you wish it changed to. Please be as descriptive as possible on the colors. Feel free to provide links to the color you desire.

3) Be sure your e-mail address is typed correctly. If you don't hear back from us, a typo in your email address is the most likely reason. Be sure the email is your PAYPAL email address.

4) If you are outside of the U.S. you must provide a shipping address so that we can quote correct postage charges.

What happens next?

If we have additional questions to clarify any part of your order, we will email you.

Then, we will send you a Paypal invoice with details of your custom decal set including year, model, and color changes.

Be sure to read over the invoice carefully. If everything is correct, please pay the NON-REFUNDABLE invoice. Once you pay, you are committed to the order. There are no refunds or returns on custom decals. 

If we have the specified colors in stock, we will print your set within 48-72 hours of receiving payment. If we have to order a color, it will add 3-4 business days to this timeframe. Your invoice will state the estimate time to ship.

Shipping is free in the U.S. (we ship USPS First Class Mail).  If you have a specific deadline we will do our best to accommodate it, but not if it results in other customers' orders being delayed. 

Please remember this is a brand new process for us and we will tweak it as we go to make it as smooth and seamless for all involved. Thanks for your patience during our early days of providing custom decals!



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